Cataract Advice from Eye Doctors

Eye cataracts are a common defect among many people. This is usually evidenced by the clouding of the lens and thus causing them to get translucent. In as much as many people tend to ignore it, the defect is the most prevalent source of blindness among people who are 40 years old and above. The disorder mostly arises from aging.

cataract_typesTypes of Cataracts 

It often affects the back-side of the lens. Subcaspular cataracts are most prevalent among people who take substances containing high levels of steroids and also those who are affected by diabetes. The chemical substances in drugs used to treat diabetes and steroids affects the lens, thus making the eyes to have a milky appearance.

This condition forms in the deep-lying and central parts of the lens. It is not caused by chemical agents but rather by the ageing process. This condition causes blindness among many old people.

This type of cataract is often evidenced by cloudy mistiness, which starts forming at the edge of the lens and slowly moves towards the centre. Their movement usually leaves behind a characteristic spoke-like pattern. Corticals rank as the most common type of cataracts.

Signs and Symptoms 

This disorder mostly starts on a small scale and gradually develops within the eye. Initially, patients experience marginal hitches in their vision. Most victims attest to the fact that at the beginning, it is akin to looking through a milky piece of glass. It has also been noted that those who are afflicted start getting affected by light of low intensity. Their colour visibility also plummets. In addition, they find it hard to drive at night. It has been discovered that nuclear cataracts may cause a temporal enhancement in the vision of the sufferer. This is however short lived and wanes out after a few days.


The most effective way of keeping the condition at bay is avoiding risk factors, which include continued exposure to intense UVB and smoking. Wearing sunglasses particularly in summer is important because it slows down the development of the disorder. It is also advisable to increase the uptake of antioxidants and foods that contain lutein and zeaxanthuin, which help protect the eyes.

3-ways-to-prevent-progression-of-cataracts-720x405 Interventions Available 

Those who are affected by this disorder need to have a Singapore eye centre contact. Such a specialist is of importance when it comes to offering advice about the most suitable intervention. Nonetheless, surgeries are the most common method used to correct the defect. This is done to remove the cloudy particles, which are the cause of vision impairment. The most common type of surgery conducted is phacoemulsification, which involves the use of ultrasonic energy to clean up the affected lens.

In extreme cases, the entire lens is removed and replaced with a synthetic one. Though expensive, this procedure has a relatively high success rate. A Singapore eye centre contact often advices patients to thoroughly clean their hands after the operation to prevent reinfection of the eyes whenever they touch them. In addition, patients must take all the prescribed medication, eat healthily and avoid the risk factors, which might cause the reoccurrence of the illness. To read more about the disorder, click on the links: and

Where Does Cellulite Come From?

Woman squeezing fat on thigh as she holds orange

Cellulite. Women dread it, no one wants it, and everyone who has it wants it gone. But what is it? Where does it come from? Finally, how do you get rid of it? If you want to get rid of cellulite, it takes more than weight loss. Even if you find slimming pills in Singapore that help you to shed tens to hundreds of pounds, or have liposuction surgery, cellulite may still be a problem.

What is Cellulite 
Cellulite is fatty tissue that is the same as the rest of the white adipose tissue that lives under your skin. In some places, the texture of it is smooth, while in other places, it is more like the lumpy surface that you know as cellulite. Sometimes, a fatty area will be smooth until you are on a weight loss diet, and the fat doesn’t disappear evenly, leaving cellulite behind. Though women are more likely to get cellulite than men, every race and age of women may have cellulite spots.

what-is-cellulite How Does Cellulite Happen? 
One of the most common questions asked by women who have cellulite is where does it come from. There are a number of conflicting theories on the origin of these skin lumps and bumps. Some believe it is due to poor drainage of the lymphatic system in your body, while others think it’s due to tight clothing squeezing your body into unnatural shapes. A third theory popular with many doctors and aestheticians is that it has to do with skin and connective tissue thickness and direction. Women are more likely to get cellulose than men, and their skin layer, or dermis, tends to be thinner than a man’s skin. This may leave room for cellulite to erupt. If connective tissue, the cobwebs that hold every part of your body into its correct place, is thick enough, then it won’t move or give way when your body grows and shrinks, like on a diet, and pushes some of the fatty tissue into cellulite pockets. If the direction of your skin cells and your connective tissues form a cross-hatch, which happens genetically, then you are less likely to have problems with cellulite. If they follow the same lines, then you are more likely. Luckily, there are lots of great ways to treat cellulite.

Thermage Cellulite Treatment 
There are a lot of great cellulite treatments to try that can help to remove the appearance of cellulite patches through different kinds of strategies. Here is a look at some of the different treatments, and where to find them:

  • Laser Lipo: This requires a plastic surgeon, and is believed to be very effective.
  • Ultrasound and Massage: This technique was developed in Brazil, and is popular with women before they ever have problems with cellulite. Many spas offer this service.
  • Skin Thickening Creams and Treatments: Spas and cosmetics counters offer collagen creams which can help to keep skin young and flexible enough to push collagen back in its place.
  • Lymph Draining Treatments: This can happen in an exercise class, a clinic, or a spa. It helps to get the toxins in your body moving out so inflammation can stop and skin can be smoother.

The right treatment for you will vary based on the location of your cellulite, and the time and money you have to treat it. However, many people have found success and hope in many of these cellulite reduction processes.


What You Can Do Today To Finally Eliminate Your Skin Pigmentation Problems

skin pigmentation

Pigmentation problems with the skin are common around Singapore. Any number of issues could lead to dark or discoloured spots from sun exposure to age and genetics. Modern techniques have been developed over the last few decades that can directly address these spots no matter how dark or large. Here are some of the things that you can do today to eliminate your pigmentation problems.

blog_img02 Reducing Sun Exposure 

Something that you should always do when coping with pigmentation problems is to reduce your sun exposure. The sunlight in Singapore is incredibly strong even when it is cloudy outside. Stay out of direct sun as much as possible. Do not tan, use tanning beds or try tanning creams. Wear sunscreen when going outside even for short periods. The sun can damage your skin and cause new pigmentation issues to arise or worsen existing dark spots.

antiaging-in-page Bleaching Your Skin 

One of the most common solutions for skin pigmentation problems is using professional bleaching products. Some you can get from a clinic in Singapore while others are available over the counter. These are products like hydroquinone. The products can lighten your blemishes and dark spots providing a more even complexion. If you get the products from a clinic, then they can often be combined with other professional treatments.

vaccuum-suction-01 Microdermabrasion 

Microdermabrasion is a procedure done throughout Singapore to remove damaged layers of skin. The process involves using very small beads directed through a machine at the face. The beads are incredibly small. They gradually break away dead or damaged skin. This reveals new skin underneath that might not have the same pigmentation problems. Microdermabrasion can be very effective in certain circumstance although it does not always work on very dark spots.

chemical2 Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are similar to microdermabrasion although they can work even for very severe pigmentation issues. This procedure involves covering the face or skin with special chemical mixtures. Those chemicals will cause the topmost layers of skin to peel away completely. This quickly exposes new skin cells that will be paler and more consistent than the top layers. Different types of peels are available in Singapore depending on your exact skin issues and the results you want. You usually have to prepare for a few weeks in advance before going into a centre for a chemical peel.

Microdermabrasion_Dermabrasion_770_345_90_s_c1 Laser Treatments 

One of the most modern ways to eliminate pigmentation problems is through laser treatments. These treatments involve destroying the offending pigments by using specially crafted and configured laser systems. Laser treatments need to be administered by an aesthetic doctor in Singapore or other highly trained professional. Laser treatments can be incredibly effective for nearly any type of condition. They can also restore lost collagen to minimise the appearance of scars or wrinkles.
There is no reason to suffer with pigmentation issues any more. You can have clear and even skin if you take action today. This can potentially improve your self-image and remove many anxieties about being out in public. Taking any one of these actions could greatly improve the appearance of your skin fast.


Laparoscopic Surgery


product_2Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery involving the use of small cameras and thin surgical instruments often used for colorectal surgery, vascular surgery and even weight loss surgery. During this type of surgery, small incisions no larger than a half an inch are created in the skin where thin plastic tubes are then placed. These plastic tubes allow the insertion of a camera and surgical instruments, which in turn allows access to the patient’s organs.
Also attached to the laparoscope is a fiber optic cable system. This system is connected to a light source to let the surgeon clearly see what they are doing in the operative field. The abdomen is also bloated with carbon dioxide, which raises the abdominal wall above the organs, thus creating space to work and more viewing area. Carbon Dioxide is used due to the fact that it is not a foreign substance to the human body, and it can be absorbed and removed by the body on its own through the respiratory system. Carbon Dioxide is also non-flammable. This is vital because oftentimes surgery involves electrosurgical devices that can potentially catch on fire.
Post 2
The camera conveys the image of the inside of the patient onto a monitor. Because surgeons cannot see what they are doing inside of a patient without a large incision, this allows the camera to act as the eye of the surgeon, making the surgery less invasive than traditional surgery.
There are several benefits to laparoscopic surgery. The patient is likely to experience less post-operative discomfort due to the small incision, and therefore have a faster recovery time. This also allows the patient to stay at the hospital for a shorter period of time and return to their normal lifestyle quicker. A large scar is not created during minimally invasive surgery and the chance for infection decreases greatly.

MODEL RELEASED. Slipped disc microendoscopy surgery. Surgeon performing an operation on a herniated (slipped) intervertebral disc using microendoscopic discectomy (MED) tools. A slipped disc is where an intervertebral disc between two of the vertebrae in
Minimally invasive surgery can, however, put limits on the surgeon’s ability to do the job needed. The surgeon’s hand performs several surgical functions that cannot be reproduced by the laparoscopic instruments. This may limit the use of minimally invasive surgery for those performed on the liver, pancreas, and stomach, due to the need for the surgeon to work with his or her hands directly.
However, there is a new type of laparoscopic device called a hand-access device. These devices allow the doctor to place their hand inside of the abdominal cavity during surgery, therefore being able to perform several functions that were previously only possible during an open, invasive surgery.

Keeping Your Acne Under Control

Do you suffer from acne? Acne is a common issue that many people in their teens, twenties and beyond, everyday. The thing about acne is that it can be kept under control, with the right cocktail of products and a little time. There are several things that you can try to help ease the pain and unsightly strains of acne breakouts, but first things first, you must take care of your skin!

477105330_XSWhat exactly is acne, you may ask? Acne is a skin condition that causes pimples and/or blackheads when your skin follicles mix with oil and dead skin cells. Acne can be quite painful, and something that gives you far less confidence in your appearance. The important thing is to know that you CAN rid your acne.

Keeping your facial skin clean and moisturized is more half the battle. There are many products to choose from but you will need something that isn’t too harsh on the skin if you suffer major breakouts. Belif skincare offers a wide variety of skincare products targeted towards healthy, refined pores. For example, they have a first aid mask that clears your skin in minutes and clears your pores, but at the same time, leaves your skin moisturized. Talk about a miracle in a jar! They also offer several moisturizers and moisturizers if you need the extra boost for very dry skin.

Hada-Labo-copyAnother alternative would be to look into Hada Labo products. This line of skincare features a facial wash, beneficial to those with acne prone skin. Also, most of their products contain hyalauronic acid, which adds anti-aging benefits to your daily skin regimen. These products are very popular worldwide, and are said to being great results to your skin.

Depending on the severity of your acne, you may need to supplement your skincare routine with other products, but skincare lines like Hada Labo and Belif help you to regain balance in your skin. Keeping your skin healthy is most important, and when you keep it clean and moisturized, your acne is likely to diminish with time and care.

Premature Greying may be a Sign for Hair Loss

Have you ever seen someone’s premature grey hair and hope that it does not happen to you?

Well, premature greying happens with both men and woman and can be a sign of potential hair loss to come. While premature grey hair loss problem is not life-threatening issue, it can have many psychological effects on you if you suffer from it.

When determining the type of hair loss you have, it is best to consult a doctor, to make sure there is no underlying medical condition. If there is treating that condition need to be addressed first.

Once you had identified there is no medical problem causing your hair loss, there are several treatment options you can use including: medications, grooming techniques, surgery, wigs, and hair pieces.

Treatment Options

1) While there are no medications, such as shampoo, conditioners, or other products that will help your hair to grow there are products that can slow down the loss of hair. Some of these medications are topical and available over the counter to help combat male-pattern baldness and hair thinning in women. Prescription medications that are used to help retain the hair left on the scalp.

2) When hair loss in minimal, styling your hair to cover any area of thinning can be quite efficacious. Shampoos and conditioners that add volume to your hair will make it appear thicker. In addition, it is best to consult your hair stylist about which hairstyle is best to help you hair appear thicker.

One type of hair loss is, Traction Alopecia, which is caused by constant pulling on the hair roots. Hairstyles that put tension on hair follicles such as tight braids cause this condition. One way to mediate this type of hair loss is to wear hairstyles that are looser and do not pull on the roots.

3) There are three common types surgeries for hair replacement:

A. Hair transplants, or hair grafting, is where hair from the back of the head is replaced in the front.

B. Scalp reduction – bald areas are surgically removed and the areas of skin that still bear hair are stitched together

C. Scalp expansion – stretching devices are inserted under the scalp to stretch the skin. This might be used prior to a scalp reduction surgery to help the scalp be more lax. Otherwise is it used on hair-bearing areas, which can result in the reducing balding.

The above surgical options are best suited for men with male-pattern baldness and certain women with female-pattern baldness.

4) Other options for hair management are wigs and hairpieces that are used for more widespread hair loss. Weaves can also be used to fill in the thinning areas of existing hair.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you might want to get a hair treatment in Singapore. The sooner you are able to identify the cause of your hair loss the quicker you can receive proper treatment for it and return to a confident style of living.

Best Products to Turn Back The Clock to Youthfulness


You may feel like a teenager, but your skin reveals your age. Perhaps you look even older than you really are. Even though you’re not getting any younger, you can make your skin look more youthful. The best products to turn back the clock boost cell turnover, plump up the skin, reverse sun damage and protect the skin from UV exposure. Serums are lightweight and absorb quickly into the skin, helping the active ingredients do their work more efficiently.
Extra-Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum
The best eye cream from Clarins contains targeted natural ingredients to lift the skin around the eye area. Oats have been used in skin care for centuries. The oat sugars in the Clarins serum work to provide moisture and firm the skin. Green coffee extract helps protect skin from sun damage even after it has been exposed to UV rays. Albizia protects collagen fibres from breaking down and enhances blood vessel health, making your skin firmer and more radiant.
Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum
This serum contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also evens out the skin tone, bringing out your natural radiance and eliminating dullness. The brighter skin tone will help you look younger, vibrant and refreshed.
Pacifica Sea Change Future Youth Serum
This product uses natural floral and marine extracts to moisturize and lift the skin. Geranium oil in the product helps minimize scarring and hydrate the skin. This serum also contains oat sugars to help add firmness. Users report having smoother skin, fewer wrinkles and less acne when they use this product.
Estée Lauder - Enlighten serum_review
Estée Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum
One of the factors that divulges your true age is dark spots. Dark spots may appear as a result of photoaging; the sun exposure that you have experienced in your life shows up as you get older. This serum contains technology that corrects skin tone while you sleep. Antioxidants help prevent your skin from becoming further damaged.
Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
This age-defying serum claims to target the signs of aging that you already notice, like crow’s feet and sagging skin. It also repairs damage that is not evident on the skin’s surface. It smooths out the skin above and below the surface, improving elasticity and eliminating dark spots. Lines and wrinkles should diminish within 12 weeks of using the product.

Even if there were a fountain of youth, perhaps you’d stay away because you appreciate your age and the experience that comes with it. Your skin doesn’t have to reveal all of that experience, however. Use a targeted serum to turn back the clock and reveal fresher, younger skin.


Top Five Incredibly Effective Exercise Techniques to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Closeup of young shirtless man with shoulder pain over white background

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile and complex parts of our body. Its main function is to enable the arm rotate at 360 degrees and maintain the overall stability of the body. However, it is prone to several problems ranging from occasional pains to failure of the ligaments and muscles that make up the shoulder. According to World Health Organization report, most shoulder problems respond very well to simple treatment options like exercise. That is why we bring you amazing exercise techniques to help you get rid of pain in the shoulder effectively.

Shoulder Circles 
Pain in the shoulder is largely caused by tense muscles. Shoulder circles provide an immediate relief for stiff and aching shoulders by releasing tensions in the blades and the upper back. Stand while extending the shoulder width. Contract the abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. Exhale while you roll your shoulders until you make a complete circle. Repeat this process severally while increasing the intensity at each interval.

Neck Release 
Neck release is also an effective shoulder pain treatment technique since it also helps lessen muscle tensions. To make this technique effective, you need to sit quietly in a room. While keeping the back straight, bring your chin forward towards the chest until the back stretches completely. You need to do this while breathing deeply and concentrating on relaxing. Repeat the process four to six times.

Many people have a habit of benching. You should stop benching and switch to pushups immediately because exercises like bench-press lock the shoulder blades and make them stiff. This is not how the shoulder should be treated. Push-ups enable the scapula to move freely hence improving the overall health of the shoulder. This technique also has an upper hand in strengthening the serratus anterior which is responsible for stabilizing the shoulder.

The Frozen Stretch 
A frozen shoulder causes shoulder pain and loss of effective motion of the arms. A frozen shoulder cannot allow you to reach behind your back or over your head using your arms. Treatment for this condition involves massaging the back with a towel. You need to extend one arm upwards and pull the other towards the back of the head. Repeat this procedure with both arms at different intervals.
Expanding the Chest 
The state of the thoracic cavity affects the muscles around this area. Expanding the thoracic cavity helps relieve muscle cramping commonly responsible for pain in the shoulders. You can use a rope or even an exercise band and hold it with both hands. While grasping the band, draw the blades towards each other and lift your head upwards in a gentle manner. Breathe deeply for 10 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the process seven to eight times.

Using Dumbbells 
Dumbbells are usually recommended for those who love hand-weights. Dumbbells allow the hands to rotate freely. Therefore, they help alleviate stress in the shoulders by allowing free rotation of the arms. Go clockwise when pulling and anticlockwise when pushing.

In conclusion, these five simple steps have been proven to help get rid of pain within short time. If you perform them at least once a day for one week, you will definitely achieve great results. For chronic and stubborn cases, you can visit specialists such as the Providence Orthopaedic Singapore where you can access other alternatives.


Reducing Hair Loss Naturally


Suffering from hair fall is extremely stressful. A person feels most confident when they look their best. Men losing hair feel that they are old before their time. Women losing hair feel that they are losing their feminine charm. Having a full head of thick and luscious hair helps you look and feel your best. These techniques can slow or stop hair loss. Many people will even begin to regrow hair.
What Causes Hair Loss?

Before you can cure your hair loss, you must figure out what is causing it. There are genetic causes to some types of hair loss. There are also a number of other causes that can be addressed before more serious intervention is needed.


  • Overuse of harsh chemicals in hair colour or treatments.


  • Hormonal imbalances.


  • Stress.


  • Unhealthy diet.


  • Scalp disorders.


  • Lack of certain nutrients and vitamins.


These problems may seem innocuous on their own. But they can add up to thinning hair and a shiny scalp. If you regularly chemically colour stress weakened hair, then you are more likely to suffer hair loss, for example.
How to Stop Hair Loss

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to stop hair loss is to address your diet. Getting the right vitamins for hair is the first step to ensuring that your body is healthy and able to grow thick hair. The body cannot grow healthy hair without enough of vitamins such as Vitamin C and the B complex vitamins. Your body also needs certain trace minerals to properly grow strong hair shafts.

The best way to get proper nutrition is to eat a varied and healthy diet. Get plenty of vegetables and lean meats to give your body the building blocks it needs. Taking hair healthy vitamin supplements is a good way to make sure that your body is getting everything it needs.
Castor Oil for a Healthy Scalp

Treating your scalp for any pre-existing conditions is also important. Skin issues such as dandruff or pH imbalances can cause hair loss. Treat your scalp for any medical problems you may have. You can use castor oil for your hair.

This thick oil is a time-honoured treatment. It is rich in fatty acids like Omega 6 and 9. It also has hair friendly minerals and vitamins such as vitamin E. It has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it an excellent treatment for hair loss.
Powerful Treatment

Castor oil helps to treat many topical causes of hair loss. The powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties treat dandruff, folliculitus and other infections. It remedies pH imbalances that lead to scalp irritation.

Castor oil for hair also has ricinoleic acid. This substance helps to increase blood flow to the scalp. A healthy blood flow is needed for healthy growth. Some users have even reported that their hair grows much faster after treating it with castor oil.

Curing your hair fall may be as simple as taking a daily vitamin. Using a natural topical treatment like castor oil can further increase your hair health. Remember that growing your hair will take time. But like all other good things, it is worth the wait.