Month: July 2016

Cataract: 5 Signs That You Have A Vision Problem

The vision, is by far, the most important senses of the body. This is because any vision problem may hinder several, if not all, of day-to-day activities such as reading, writing and even walking. Without a clear vision, people may find it difficult to carry out activities may these be simple or complicated.   When…

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Skin Pigmentation: Causes And Treatment

The skin is the largest external organ in the body and it’s basically our first line of defense against harmful substances. However, during the process of protecting the body, it gains too much damage from both environmental irritants and harmful rays from the sun. One common problem that the skin encounters is skin pigmentation or…

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The Secret to Brighter Skin From Within

  Everyone wants a bright, smooth and glowing skin. Beautiful skin is one of the indicators of youth and beauty. Beauty is only skin-deep. Hence the need to care for our skins for a more radiant look. Here are some of the tips applicable to every type of skin to help you make your skin…

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