Month: October 2016

5 Practical Weight-Loss Strategies That Work

Trying to lose weight is a struggle for a lot of people. One of the main reasons why they can’t get to the weight level they desire is that they are using bad strategies or they’re listening to wrong advice. Below are some strategies on how you can safely and naturally lose weight. If you…

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The 4  Best Treatments for Knee Dislocation

Athletes and even regular individuals can experience different types of physical injuries like knee dislocation. The latter is usually caused by excessive pressure on the knees, high risk contact sports, and accidents focused on the knee or leg. Because of its many experts, a significant number of people seek to treat knee dislocation in Singapore.…

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Stomach Cancer Facts You Need To Know

Gastric or stomach cancer is the world’s third leading cause of cancer deaths. It claims more than 700,000 lives every year and the majority of these cases happen in Asia. It is one of the top killers in Singapore with over 300 lives lost annually. If diagnosed at its earlier stages, stomach cancer can be…

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