Help for Hemorrhoids – 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

According to recent studies, at least one in every three people in Singapore will experience symptomatic hemorrhoids, with most cases occurring in individuals aged 30 years or older. So while many of those who have it want to keep it a secret, it’s not necessarily that uncommon. There are many different factors that can cause hemorrhoids, but some of the most common include straining bowel movement, chronic constipation, prolonged sitting, and family history. Hemorrhoids can be very painful, itchy, and unsanitary because stool can leak from the anus. If you’re wondering how you can help resolve hemorrhoids, be sure to follow these three sure-fire methods.


  1. Change in Diet and Lifestyle – When you eat food that produces hard stool, you can exacerbate hemorrhoids during visits to the toilet. That’s because stool that’s hard to pass can strain the anal region and cause more damage to the surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, the typical Singaporean diet is made up mostly of noodles, flavorful soups, and white meat which don’t contain a substantial amount of fiber. Tailoring your diet to be more fiber-rich will help soften stool to make it easier to pass without straining the anal area. Another thing you might want to change aside from your diet is your lifestyle. Heavy lifting, prolonged standing, and being overweight should also be reduced, to assist in the healing of the affected area.


  1. Topical Creams and Lotions – Hemorrhoids can be severely itchy. However, constantly scratching the affected area can cause a lot more harm and pain. To help reduce the itching sensation, you can purchase over the counter hemorrhoid cream. Take a small dollop of the cream on your fingers and rub gently until the entire area is evenly covered. Apply the cream as necessary, or as indicated on the instructions. This will help soothe the affected region and speed up recovery, as well as reduce chances of further damage and injury.


  1. Minimally Invasive Treatment – If you’re not too keen on home remedies and you want something that will work even faster, you can pay a visit to your physician to see what treatment they can offer you. Some doctors prescribe medication for pain relief, while others suggest minimally invasive treatment to eliminate the issue fast. Before you settle on treatment however, be sure to check all your options. Hemorrhoids treatment in Singapore can be very effective, safe, and affordable as long as you choose the right health care service provider.


There’s no need to live with that discomfort and suffering – you can get rid of hemorrhoids for a happy, healthy, and carefree feeling every day. Follow these three simple and fast ways to resolve hemorrhoids so you can live without that constant itch and pain.


A Hair Growth Guide: 7 Effective Ways To Grow Hair Faster


Hair loss continues to frustrate many people’s lives. Before, people regarded it as a sign of aging. But nowadays with the ever-changing lifestyle, hair loss has become very pandemic. Such worries make people wonder: What are ways on how to grow hair faster? The dream of having long and beautiful, thick hair is omnipresent for everyone. This article guide shares some handy tips people with hair loss can use to grow hair faster.

That’s why we made this article to help people grow hair faster. Check out these 6 handy tips if you also want to slow down or prevent hair loss:

Sweet dreams


1)            Have some adequate sleep. It’s important to have enough sleep for the body to grow healthy and for its functions to work normally. Experts highly recommend a person to sleep for about 6-8 hours to minimize stress levels and prevent hair fall. Yoga, meditation, and other series of exercises also help relieve stress.2

2)            Eat healthy. Having a healthy diet every day directly affects if a person’s hair grows healthy. In particular, people should make sure their diet has some proteins like fish, eggs, chicken and more. For vegetarians, make sure the diet is high in soy products like soy milk, cheese, curd, tofu and so on. Through proper intake of healthy foods, people experience extraordinary results that help stop hair loss and increase hair growth.3

3)            Treat scalp with Castor oil. Castor oil is an effective natural remedy that people can use on the scalp to prevent and stop hair loss. It has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties, and other essential ingredients that help grow hair faster. Besides growing hair, castor oil is also a powerful treatment for skin conditions such as acne, rashes, dandruff and more.4

4)            Apply Aloe Vera on the scalp. Aloe Vera is a remarkable plant, which helps solve a variety of hair problems. It’s highly packed with amino acids and protein, essential vitamins for healthy hair.  People can use this natural ingredient to nourish, cleanse, and protect the scalp and hair from potential damage. They can also use this beneficial plant to add more volume and shine to hair. Aloe Vera also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help prevent and stop dandruff.5

5)            Try some Green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Apply warm green tea on the scalp. Let it stay for an hour, and then wash it off with cool water. Continue use of green tea treatment every day will reverse signs of any hair loss problem within a few months. 6

6)            Apply Onion Juice on the scalp. This particular plant is among the most effective and ancient treatments used to prevent and stop hair loss. Onion juice is replete with sulfur, which boosts collagen production levels and re-growth of hair. Cut a few slices of onion, squeeze out its juice, and apply on scalp for about 10-15 minutes. After it works its magic, rinse it off with a mild shampoo. People shouldn’t worry about its stinging smell because it eventually fades after one rinse.7

7)            Use coconut milk. According to experts, coconut milk is the most effective natural remedy for hair growth because it’s high in potassium, iron, and essential fats. Take coconut milk from a fresh coconut. Add to it half a squeeze of lemon and four drops of lavender oil. Mix it together and apply it on the scalp. Let it stay for 4-5 hours, then rinse it off.



How to make hair grow faster is the key question frequently asked when people are losing hair. Everybody wants to have long and thick, beautiful hair so that they can feel young again. Luckily, people experiencing any hair loss can use this guide to find valuable tips on how to stimulate hair growth.



6 Common Habits You Might Be Doing That Cause Skin Pigmentations


Clear, even-toned skin is something everyone strives to achieve. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Aside from the daily elements that threaten to damage our skin, there is also a list of different habits we often unknowingly do that take us two steps back on the journey towards flawless skin. Skin pigmentations are a common problem among Singaporeans and are commonly caused by several practices we do on our own. Are you struggling with skin pigmentations? Stop these 6 habits to get clear, even-toned skin.

close up of hand receiving sunblock cream lotion

  1. Exposing Bare Skin to Harsh Sunlight – When you step out the door to go about your usual responsibilities, do you make an effort to keep your skin protected? UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin and even compromise its integrity. In Singapore, sunny days are most common and exposure is often guaranteed. If you already have skin pigmentations developing, harsh sunlight can exacerbate them and increase the contrast between the patches and your skin. Slather on some SPF sunscreen, use an umbrella, or cover up before stepping out to keep your skin protected.lociones
  2. Using Products That Have Fragrances – The scent of a product usually determines whether we’d be likely to use it or not. The more fragrant and aromatic, the better. Unfortunately, the chemicals used to add these scents to self-care products often irritate the skin and worsen pigmentations. As much as possible, invest in products without fragrances and avoid applying perfumes and colognes directly to the skin.brush-face
  3. Scrubbing Skin Aggressively – Showering with a loofah can make you feel extra clean, but scrubbing away while your skin is wet and cells are expanded can cause the development of pigmentation. Damaging the outermost layer of skin causes a reaction in the body, telling it to hasten the process of pushing skin cells out to restore what was lost. In a rush, the skin could develop darkly pigmented patches over different areas of the body.smoking
  4. Smoking – As if the side effects of smoking couldn’t get any worse. This habit introduces hundreds of different toxins into the body and even reduces our natural capability to release antioxidants to fight them off. With a limited number of antioxidants, our bodies will struggle to fight off harmful compounds and thus lead to the development of blemishes and pigmentations.Portrait of frustrated young woman near christmas tree
  5. Stressing Yourself Out – When you’re under a lot of stress and pressure, your body will reduce physiological activity in parts of the body that are less vital to accommodate heightened need elsewhere. The result is limited blood flow to the skin which then gives rise to new patches of dark areas and accentuates existing ones.dying_long_hair_at_home_caqtuv
  6. Bleaching or Coloring Hair – Getting your hair colored is an easy and simple way to achieve a new look but many of the products used for the process can cause damage to the skin. If these products manage to drip down on to your face, you could develop skin pigmentation where they made contact. Luckily, you can get facial treatment in Singapore for an affordable cost. However, it’s always better to stay careful and avoid the situation all together.

Are you causing your own skin pigmentation? Prevent them from getting worse and bring yourself towards better, brighter, and even-toned skin by avoiding these 6 habits.

Myopia (short-sightedness): causes and treatment options

Myopia, more commonly known as short-sightedness, is an eye condition wherein people can see clearly the objects near them, but are unable to focus on those that are situated far from them. This occurs due to the unusual shape of the eyeball and the cornea. The eyeball may be too long or the cornea may be too curved, and the light entering the eye is not focused properly, which is why far away objects may seem blurred.

Causes of myopia 

myopia-affected-your-vision-and-should-go-sg-eye-clinic-earlierShort-sightedness could be genetic. This means that parents with myopia may pass this trait to their children, which can manifest at an early age. Myopia can also develop in people who spend a lot of time reading, working in front of a computer screen, and other activities that demand intense visual work.

In most cases, myopia develops in children, ages 7-10.  As the eye develops, myopia typically progresses, and may worsen as they age. For middle-aged adults, myopia may manifest due to an underlying condition such as diabetes.

Treatment options      

Looking through glasses at an eye exam chart

If you notice that your vision is a bit blurred when looking at far away objects, you should consult an eye doctor on how to treat myopia and know what options are available for your condition.

The most popular choice for people with myopia is corrective eyeglasses. This is the primary treatment recommended for children and teenagers. In some cases, those with myopia are only asked to wear their glasses during certain activities such as reading and driving. However, some cases may require the patient to wear the glasses all the time, especially for those that are very short-sighted.

Contact lenses also help manage short-sightedness. Because the thin lenses are worn directly over the eye, it provides a clearer vision and a much wider field of vision than that of eyeglasses. The only downside to using contact lenses is that they require meticulous and proper care to maintain eye health.

eye-lasik-surgery-can-be-done-in-sg-eyes-clinicSome people with myopia opt for laser procedures such as LASIK. With the use of a laser, the shape of the cornea is corrected by removing the precise amount of corneal tissue. Once the cornea is reshaped, the light that enters the eye is now focused correctly even when viewing objects from a distance.

If you are suffering from myopia, it would be best to compare the treatment options available and determine which one is perfect for you. It is also best to consult an optometrist and undergo a comprehensive eye exam to determine the right treatment for your vision problem. Visit your nearest Singapore eye clinic today.

Hair Loss Horrors – 5 Common Culprits That Cause Excessive Hair Fall

It’s normal for people to lose hair regularly, mainly because this is the body’s way of regulating the amount of hair you have at any given time. Strands will naturally shed from the root, while others are broken off at the shaft because of wear and tear.what-problem-of-scalp-that-causing-hair-loss

But as with any other bodily function, when hair loss becomes excessive and unnatural, it can be very problematic. In Singapore, aside from the usual issues with outward appearances and self-confidence, hair loss has also been observed to affect relationships. If you’re struggling with hair fall, be sure to assess your daily life for these 5 common culprits to end the problem at the root.

  1. Stress and Trauma – You’d be surprised just how much of an effect stress and trauma can have on your body. Any sort of stressful or traumatizing event – a car accident, a flu, or even a divorce – can cause hair loss. This is because when the body is stressed, it reduces the emphasis on non-essential physiological functions, and one of which is hair health. By reducing the circulation to the scalp, more hair is pushed to the shedding phase of the hair life cycle to accommodate more important functions.There are many reasons for hair loss. Stress is usually one of them.
  2. Excessive Intake of Vitamin A – Vitamin A is present in a lot of the food and drinks we consume every day. But if you’re struggling to stop hair loss, you may want to regulate the amount of vitamin A you take. According to research, a system that’s satiated with vitamin A can cause excessive hair loss because it causes toxicity when stored in the body. Generally, the accepted daily upper limit for vitamin A for Singaporean men is 3,000 IU and 2,310 IU for women.
  3. Insufficient Protein – When there isn’t enough protein in your body, your system will regulate what it already has. In effect, it saps vital protein from the hair and causes brittle, weak strands that are prone to falling out and breakage. Eating enough fish, eggs, and chicken on a daily basis will make hair much healthier and stronger. However, just because your hair isn’t falling out right now means you’re consuming enough protein. It will usually take 2-3 months for the effects to show, so be sure to assess how much you eat to know what you should expect.Healthy Diet food group, proteins, include meat (chicken or turkey), cheese, eggs and nuts.
  4. Poor Scalp Health – Your scalp is more than just an area of skin – it’s the source from which your hair gets its nutrients and vitamins. A poorly nourished scalp will cause serious hair loss. It will also compromise the health of any hair that remains. Aside from choosing the right products for use on your scalp, you should also look into scalp treatment in Singapore which can help improve your scalp health for optimum hair strength.
  5. Improper Hair Managing Practices – If you constantly heat style your hair, slather it in hold styling products, and barely ever let it out of a bun, it’s time to rethink your hair care practices. Being too aggressive with the way you handle your hair is detrimental to its health, which can cause serious breakage and damage that can be impossible to repair. To prevent unnecessary hair damage and loss, avoid using heat styling tools, choose organic products, and refrain from styling in ways that place tension on the strands and the roots.heat-styling-caused-poor-scalp-health-and-hair-loss

Don’t let those hair loss horrors get the best of you – the power to turn things around for your hair is in your hands. Avoid these common hair fall culprits to help you maintain thick, beautiful hair all year round.

4 Effective Ways On How To Lose Weight In Singapore Without Undergoing Surgery


You don’t have to go under the knife to get rid of those extra pounds. There are several alternative methods you can do to get the same results. Yes, they would take more time before you see results, but they are safer. The effects on your body also last longer since the weight loss isn’t instantaneous, unlike in a surgery. Furthermore, if you want to find the fastest way to lose weight in Singapore, it’s advisable that you seek the advice of fitness and health professionals. Without further ado, if you want to lose weight safely and naturally, here are the techniques you should follow:

1) Purge your kitchen and get rid of unhealthy foods and snacks.

One of the main reasons why people gain weight is because of their food choices. Go through your kitchen and get rid of all the fat-builders items. These include processed foods, junk food, soda, chocolate, and candies. Do the same thing with your refrigerator. Remove all the unhealthy food items in it. Replenish your pantry and refrigerator with fresh produces. There are several grocery stores and farms in Singapore that sell organic food. These include Zenxin AgriOrganic Food, Green Circle Eco Farm, and Pasar Organic.


You need to add more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Less calories you put in your body means less reasons for fat to build up. Go for low carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, and celery. This doesn’t mean you should ditch meat altogether. You still need considerable amounts of protein because these help in your metabolism.

2) Engage in physical workouts at least three times a week.

exercise-needed-for-lose-weight-and-healthy-bodyGo for exercise routines that work out your entire body like jogging, running, or martial arts. You can also consider to get your workouts at the gym. Singapore is home to dozens of fitness gyms that offer various types of exercises. If you prefer exercising and running in open air, you can go to places like the Macritchie Reservoir, Marina Bay, East Coast Park, and the Green Corridor.

3) Cut back on your alcohol intake.

cut-back-on-alcohol-can-lose-weightThis is especially true if you drink a lot of beer. Alcoholic beverages are notorious for hastening the build-up of fat in the body. If you have a refrigerator or freezer at home, you should take out whatever alcoholic beverage it contains. Cut back on your partying as well. Singapore has a lot of nice night spots which can be very tempting. Learn how to discipline your alcohol craving.

4) Get more sleep. There are several reasons why you should sleep more. It stops late-night snacking, helps you burn more calories, boosts fat loss, and keeps your brain focused the next day. A focused brain means you’re less susceptible to craving. If you live in a busy area in Singapore wherein there’s noise even at night, it’s advisable that you purchase a noise-cancelling earmuff.


The secret to losing weight is perseverance. You have to stick to the methods discussed above until you get the results you want. It’s a lot of work but the rewards are worth it. Beyond weight loss, you’ll also get a strong and healthy body, clearer skin, better confidence, and more energy to engage in things that you love.