3 Safest And Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Options (As Recommended By Dermatologists)

September 27, 2016 Off By Mellisa

PRP hair loss treatment

Hair loss is mostly due to genetics, so if many of your family members are having this problem, chances are you will too. However, medications (including those that treat depression, heart problem and gout), stress, illness (including fungus infections, flu and thyroid disease), and diet could also contribute to hair loss.

For women who just went through childbirth, they could also develop temporary hair loss as the body goes through changes. While there are quite a few treatment options available in the market, only three has been proven to be the safest and most effective options by dermatologists so far. Check out some hair loss treatments in Singapore that you can consider:








  1. Hair grafting This method, which is also known as hair transplant, refers to the process of hair replacement. During the procedure, a surgeon will remove a portion of your scalp which bears hair, before cutting them into several segments. They’re then transplanted onto the bald areas, which will produce a look that is ‘natural’ and thickened. 50 or more segments will be transplanted in each session. The removed areas will be stitched up and covered with surrounding hair. For maximum results, you’re required to undergo several sessions (frequency may vary depending on individual).



  1. Scalp reduction This method refers to the removal of skin that bears no hair from your scalp. The remaining skin with hair will then be stretched to fill all the bald areas of your head. Basically, it’s a procedure to cover bald areas on the back and top of your head. There are parts of the process that are similar to the hair grafting method.




  1. Applicable medications (Propecia and Rogaine) If going under the knife is too drastic and intimidating for you, start with medications to see whether it’s effective in treating your problem. Propecia and Rogaine are normally used to treat pattern baldness, which usually results from genetics. Rogaine is a lotion that helps to slow the occurrence of hair loss, while Propecia comes in the form of a topical solution (which is applied directly on bald areas on your head).

Now that you know the different options of hair loss treatment, you can decide which treatment is the best for you. Do more research and shop around for companies providing the treatment. Don’t let your hair loss prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Act on it now before it’s too late.