4 Effective Strategies On How To Relieve Wrist Pain And Avoid Complications

December 25, 2016 Off By Mellisa
A young woman holding her painful wrist

A young woman holding her painful wrist

Wrist pain can be debilitating if it’s not treated on a regular basis. Commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s a nerve disorder that causes pain and weakness in the wrist. The condition can gradually get worse as months pass by if it’s not subjected to treatments. If you are among those who are afflicted by the disorder, here are some practical ways on how you can relieve the pain and prevent complications:hg80-wrist-brace-lg-large-74619-74676746197-lr-3

  1. Use a wrist brace. A brace that snugly fits around your wrist can help a lot in alleviating the pain, because it reduces the pressure on your hand. Braces are readily available in pharmacies and medical supply stores. Most doctors would recommend that you wear a brace when you sleep. You can also wear it during the day, but you should limit it to 6 hours. If you work in an office, there are certain types of braces that you can wear that still allows you the ability to use a computer.webmd_rf_photo_of_fist_stretch
  2. Try hand exercises. These exercises help relax the muscles, nerves, and tendons in your hand. They can also reduce the swelling around the median nerve. Take note that most of the pain you’re feeling is caused by the swelling of the median nerve. These exercises are often referred to as tendon-gliding exercises.460770194
  3. Apply an ice pack on the affected area. This is a quick treatment for wrist pains that can give you instant relief. It’s advisable that you use an ice pack that wraps around your wrist. This ensures that the cooling effect goes deep into your muscles, tendons, and nerves. Furthermore, keep your hand immobile during the application of the ice pack.image
  4. Consider going through a surgery. This is an option you should consider especially if the pain is unbearable. This procedure involves cutting the roof of the carpal tunnel to reduce the pressure on the wrist’s median nerve. It’s not a difficult surgery, which means you don’t have to stay at the hospital overnight. The doctor will usually allow you to go home after surgery.

The efficacy of these treatment options vary depending on the level of pain you are going through. To make sure that you are doing the right thing, it’s always advisable that you consult with a doctor who specializes in nerve disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome. The specialist should be able to recommend the best solution for your condition.