6 Benefits of Using the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion to Rejuvenate Your Looks

October 12, 2017 Off By Mellisa


Applying the right foundation on your skin can help rejuvenate it to unimaginable proportions. One such foundation is April Skin Snow Magic Cushion that is revolutionizing the Singaporean beauty industry. The product is a 3 in 1, meaning that it whitens, moisturizes and helps defy age (rejuvenates the skin).


The Magic Cushion is becoming a favorite amongst Singaporean women because of the following benefits;

1. It’s perfect for Asian skin tones

Any beauty product that puts skin color tones into consideration is always a good choice. A product that targets a Caucasian or African woman may not necessarily have the same outcome as that targeting a Hispanic or Asian woman. The foundation comes in three beautiful transparent colors that blend well with Asian skin tones.

2. It has a perfect moisturizing formula

The no-smudge foundation contains a serum that has about 45% water, giving you two times the moisture content compared to most foundations in the market. The water-based serum feels light and velvety on the skin and is excellent for hydrating your skin. The foundation is also long lasting and easily glides on your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

3. It comes in transparent colors

Transparent colors make the skin appear as natural as possible, and no one would ever tell that you’ve applied anything on it.

4. The manufacturers store the liquid in a mochi cushion

Unlike most makeup lines that store foundation in simple packaging, April Skin in Singapore stores its makeup in mochi cushions. Since the initial launch in September 2015, the company has upgraded its packaging to a more sleek and hygienic one. The new and advanced mochi cushion minimizes mess-ups and foundation wastage, by ensuring that you only get an right amount when you press the puff.  The cushion also stores the fluid hygienically.

5. It comes in an airtight container

April Skin uses a patented protection technique that ensures zero spillage. You can, therefore, store the foundation in your handbag and not worry that it might spill out and make a mess in your bag, or that it will lose moisture and dry out. Closing the outer lid will automatically close the inner one.

The gorgeous colors are;

  • Light beige (#21) – The color is excellent for a fair skin color, leaving it looking brighter
  • Pink beige (#22) – Gives your skin a beautiful pink glow
  • Natural beige (#23) – Brings life to medium skin tones making them appear brighter

6. It has SPF50+/PA+++


How to use April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

  1. Remove the opaque film covering the package
  2. Open the container and remove the film
  3. Absorb the liquid by using the puff to press on the sponge


  • Since the fluid is water-based and has unrivaled coverage, just squeeze out a little from the package for the application. Too much will end up looking unnatural and cakey.
  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and can quickly absorb anything that you apply to it. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you only use products that are as close to nature as possible.
  • April Skin uses toxic-free ingredients, perhaps the reason why the company won a grand prize from The Consumer Satisfaction Brand Awards.
  • Using April Skin in Singapore is ideal for you if you want to kill three birds with one stone (rejuvenate, whiten and moisturize). The product provides excellent coverage and will leave your skin looking naturally young and striking.