6 Common Habits You Might Be Doing That Cause Skin Pigmentations

November 24, 2016 Off By Mellisa


Clear, even-toned skin is something everyone strives to achieve. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. Aside from the daily elements that threaten to damage our skin, there is also a list of different habits we often unknowingly do that take us two steps back on the journey towards flawless skin. Skin pigmentations are a common problem among Singaporeans and are commonly caused by several practices we do on our own. Are you struggling with skin pigmentations? Stop these 6 habits to get clear, even-toned skin.

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  1. Exposing Bare Skin to Harsh Sunlight – When you step out the door to go about your usual responsibilities, do you make an effort to keep your skin protected? UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to the skin and even compromise its integrity. In Singapore, sunny days are most common and exposure is often guaranteed. If you already have skin pigmentations developing, harsh sunlight can exacerbate them and increase the contrast between the patches and your skin. Slather on some SPF sunscreen, use an umbrella, or cover up before stepping out to keep your skin protected.lociones
  2. Using Products That Have Fragrances – The scent of a product usually determines whether we’d be likely to use it or not. The more fragrant and aromatic, the better. Unfortunately, the chemicals used to add these scents to self-care products often irritate the skin and worsen pigmentations. As much as possible, invest in products without fragrances and avoid applying perfumes and colognes directly to the skin.brush-face
  3. Scrubbing Skin Aggressively – Showering with a loofah can make you feel extra clean, but scrubbing away while your skin is wet and cells are expanded can cause the development of pigmentation. Damaging the outermost layer of skin causes a reaction in the body, telling it to hasten the process of pushing skin cells out to restore what was lost. In a rush, the skin could develop darkly pigmented patches over different areas of the body.smoking
  4. Smoking – As if the side effects of smoking couldn’t get any worse. This habit introduces hundreds of different toxins into the body and even reduces our natural capability to release antioxidants to fight them off. With a limited number of antioxidants, our bodies will struggle to fight off harmful compounds and thus lead to the development of blemishes and pigmentations.Portrait of frustrated young woman near christmas tree
  5. Stressing Yourself Out – When you’re under a lot of stress and pressure, your body will reduce physiological activity in parts of the body that are less vital to accommodate heightened need elsewhere. The result is limited blood flow to the skin which then gives rise to new patches of dark areas and accentuates existing ones.dying_long_hair_at_home_caqtuv
  6. Bleaching or Coloring Hair – Getting your hair colored is an easy and simple way to achieve a new look but many of the products used for the process can cause damage to the skin. If these products manage to drip down on to your face, you could develop skin pigmentation where they made contact. Luckily, you can get facial treatment in Singapore for an affordable cost. However, it’s always better to stay careful and avoid the situation all together.

Are you causing your own skin pigmentation? Prevent them from getting worse and bring yourself towards better, brighter, and even-toned skin by avoiding these 6 habits.