An Essential Skin Care Guide: 3 Fast And Effective Treatments To Clear Ugly Acne Scars And Pimple Marks!

December 15, 2016 Off By Mellisa


For many skin disorder patients, the idea of living blemish-free makes them want to fill their medicine cabinet with all kinds of skin treatments. While some of these treatments may offer fast and intriguing results, they also harbor a host of side-effects along. Acne scar treatments, in particular, should be handled with great care, and issued in the surveillance of an authorized dermatologist’s prescription. If ugly acne scars and pimple marks are giving you nightmares, try these 3 quick and effective treatments to restore your skin’s beauty.dermal-filler

  1. Dermal fillers. Because sometimes acne and pimples leave behind ugly scars impossible to reverse, filler injections provide a powerful remedy in exfoliating the skin. Fillers contain a powerful substance, like polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), that helps the skin become more even and fade shadows. In fact, most fillers are FDA-approved for their potential to correct both mild and severely dented acne scars permanently. Fillers also help improve severe acne scarring. The only downside of dermal fillers is that the procedure is usually repeated every 4-6 months nevertheless.steroid-injection
  2. Steroid injections. If a disturbing pimple or acne mark seems to give you a headache, you can immediately get a steroid shot from your doctor. The process is rather fast, and the shot is administered right away to lower the inflammation of any serious scar. Steroid injections are particularly useful for raised scars, as they leave the skin area flatter than before. The only drawback of steroid injections is that they make a small difference in improving the skin’s area texture.gentlepro-700x350-2
  3. Laser treatment. If your acne scars don’t seem to fade after various treatments, laser therapy may be a good option for you. Lasers work magic when it comes to reducing the redness from acne scars and marks. Depending on the laser treatment you choose, it’s either used to increase collagen levels or vaporize the scar to form new skin. That’s why lasers are widely used to remove post acne hyperpigmentation on skin! Make sure you arrange an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your options, and be aware of any potential risks and side-effects.


Acne scars and pimple marks are a common skin problem nowadays. People of all ages are worried about their skin’s health and beauty,  which is the reason they are trying different ways to overcome this issue. Skin specialists have developed a variety of treatments, but only a few convey long lasting and promising results. Some even induce side-effects, which may put the patient’s health and life at risk. To make sure your skin stays flawless, above are some of the most effective and fast solutions for removing ugly marks on the skin. Try them, and ensure you exercise patience as your skin starts to heal. Make sure also to see a highly-experienced dermatologist, in case the affected skin area doesn’t fade or becomes persistent.