Help for Hemorrhoids – 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast

According to recent studies, at least one in every three people in Singapore will experience symptomatic hemorrhoids, with most cases occurring in individuals aged 30 years or older. So while many of those who have it want to keep it a secret, it’s not necessarily that uncommon. There are many different factors that can cause hemorrhoids, but some of the most common include straining bowel movement, chronic constipation, prolonged sitting, and family history. Hemorrhoids can be very painful, itchy, and unsanitary because stool can leak from the anus. If you’re wondering how you can help resolve hemorrhoids, be sure to follow these three sure-fire methods.


  1. Change in Diet and Lifestyle – When you eat food that produces hard stool, you can exacerbate hemorrhoids during visits to the toilet. That’s because stool that’s hard to pass can strain the anal region and cause more damage to the surrounding tissues. Unfortunately, the typical Singaporean diet is made up mostly of noodles, flavorful soups, and white meat which don’t contain a substantial amount of fiber. Tailoring your diet to be more fiber-rich will help soften stool to make it easier to pass without straining the anal area. Another thing you might want to change aside from your diet is your lifestyle. Heavy lifting, prolonged standing, and being overweight should also be reduced, to assist in the healing of the affected area.


  1. Topical Creams and Lotions – Hemorrhoids can be severely itchy. However, constantly scratching the affected area can cause a lot more harm and pain. To help reduce the itching sensation, you can purchase over the counter hemorrhoid cream. Take a small dollop of the cream on your fingers and rub gently until the entire area is evenly covered. Apply the cream as necessary, or as indicated on the instructions. This will help soothe the affected region and speed up recovery, as well as reduce chances of further damage and injury.


  1. Minimally Invasive Treatment – If you’re not too keen on home remedies and you want something that will work even faster, you can pay a visit to your physician to see what treatment they can offer you. Some doctors prescribe medication for pain relief, while others suggest minimally invasive treatment to eliminate the issue fast. Before you settle on treatment however, be sure to check all your options. Hemorrhoids treatment in Singapore can be very effective, safe, and affordable as long as you choose the right health care service provider.


There’s no need to live with that discomfort and suffering – you can get rid of hemorrhoids for a happy, healthy, and carefree feeling every day. Follow these three simple and fast ways to resolve hemorrhoids so you can live without that constant itch and pain.