Top Five Incredibly Effective Exercise Techniques to Alleviate Shoulder Pain

Closeup of young shirtless man with shoulder pain over white background

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile and complex parts of our body. Its main function is to enable the arm rotate at 360 degrees and maintain the overall stability of the body. However, it is prone to several problems ranging from occasional pains to failure of the ligaments and muscles that make up the shoulder. According to World Health Organization report, most shoulder problems respond very well to simple treatment options like exercise. That is why we bring you amazing exercise techniques to help you get rid of pain in the shoulder effectively.

Shoulder Circles 
Pain in the shoulder is largely caused by tense muscles. Shoulder circles provide an immediate relief for stiff and aching shoulders by releasing tensions in the blades and the upper back. Stand while extending the shoulder width. Contract the abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. Exhale while you roll your shoulders until you make a complete circle. Repeat this process severally while increasing the intensity at each interval.

Neck Release 
Neck release is also an effective shoulder pain treatment technique since it also helps lessen muscle tensions. To make this technique effective, you need to sit quietly in a room. While keeping the back straight, bring your chin forward towards the chest until the back stretches completely. You need to do this while breathing deeply and concentrating on relaxing. Repeat the process four to six times.

Many people have a habit of benching. You should stop benching and switch to pushups immediately because exercises like bench-press lock the shoulder blades and make them stiff. This is not how the shoulder should be treated. Push-ups enable the scapula to move freely hence improving the overall health of the shoulder. This technique also has an upper hand in strengthening the serratus anterior which is responsible for stabilizing the shoulder.

The Frozen Stretch 
A frozen shoulder causes shoulder pain and loss of effective motion of the arms. A frozen shoulder cannot allow you to reach behind your back or over your head using your arms. Treatment for this condition involves massaging the back with a towel. You need to extend one arm upwards and pull the other towards the back of the head. Repeat this procedure with both arms at different intervals.
Expanding the Chest 
The state of the thoracic cavity affects the muscles around this area. Expanding the thoracic cavity helps relieve muscle cramping commonly responsible for pain in the shoulders. You can use a rope or even an exercise band and hold it with both hands. While grasping the band, draw the blades towards each other and lift your head upwards in a gentle manner. Breathe deeply for 10 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the process seven to eight times.

Using Dumbbells 
Dumbbells are usually recommended for those who love hand-weights. Dumbbells allow the hands to rotate freely. Therefore, they help alleviate stress in the shoulders by allowing free rotation of the arms. Go clockwise when pulling and anticlockwise when pushing.

In conclusion, these five simple steps have been proven to help get rid of pain within short time. If you perform them at least once a day for one week, you will definitely achieve great results. For chronic and stubborn cases, you can visit specialists such as the Providence Orthopaedic Singapore where you can access other alternatives.