Wondering How To Lose Weight Fast? Here are 3 Advanced Ways

Obesity is more prominent in most developed countries and Malaysia is one of them. As a matter of fact, in 2012 Malaysia was once the country in Southeast Asia with the highest population of citizens who are obese.

This is not surprising though when you consider many factors such as convenient access to transportation, unhealthy food options, and sedentary lifestyle.

However, should you find yourself in despair due to your weight, there are a lot of procedures that are widely available which may help you lose the extra pounds, and some of these procedures include:

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  1. Vanquish RF Fat Removal

Ever since this procedure has penetrated the Malaysian market, it has become a very promising solution to painlessly and safely remove body fat. In this procedure, a radio frequency is used to melt away all unwanted fat cells. This does not harm any skin cells or tissues as it only targets fats which is why its safety is very much guaranteed. Once fat cells have been killed, they will be naturally disposed of by your body. This procedure costs around RM1500-RM2000/session.


  1. Laser Liposuction

If you opt to shed fat faster then, you should get a laser lipo treatment. This is a type of liposuction procedure which uses laser or radiofrequency to burn fat. This is completely different from the traditional liposuction procedure which includes surgery and downtime for healing.  Depending on parts of the body to be treated, this procedure’s cost usually ranges from RM4500 to RM13000.


  1. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is another procedure which slightly differs with the first two treatments mentioned because in this treatment, fats are cooled instead of burned. This is an effective treatment since it targets even the most stubborn fats in the body which are not eliminated even with proper diet and hard exercise.

Technology really has plenty of available options to reduce unwanted fats but nevertheless, should you wish to maintain and take care of your body better, focus on what you put inside it through the food you eat as well as your physical activity for a healthier you.

DETOXIFY – 8 Reasons Why Regular Detoxing Is Essential For Your Body

Crash diet used to be a by-word among health buffs when gyms became popular in the early 80’s. Crash diet is an abrupt way to withdraw from certain food to remove unwanted belly fat and lose weight. Regular physical exercises and a crash diet is the healthy way before.

Fast forward to three and a half decades later, you no longer hear much of crash diets. Today, the process to lose weight has evolved into something more organized and deliberate. Detoxification or “detox” is the new by-word. Alternative health experts would be in a better position to share techniques on how to detox body of toxins. Detox is a cleansing process that rids the body of harmful impurities. While the body has internal systems capable to do natural ‘detox’, regular detoxing is the alternate medicine to fill in the gaps.

Following is an outline why regular “detox” or body cleansing is necessary.8 Reasons Why Regular Detoxing Is Essential For Your Body:

  1. Tougher Immune SystemThe use of herbs in detox regimens frees body organs of unsafe toxins

The use of herbs in detox regimens frees body organs of unsafe toxins. Thus, all bodily systems will perform efficiently. There is better absorption of vitamins and nutrients.

  1. Revitalized Energy

A boost in energy is the consequence of a strong immune system. Try to lessen your intake of sugar, caffeine or fat and let your body produce the natural energy enhancements by loading up on fruits and vegetables instead. Instantly you will feel revitalized. Stay hydrate at all times too.

  1. Effective for Weight LossDetox your body to get effectively for weight loss

To sustain your energy, keep consuming energy enhancing foods until it becomes your eating pattern for the long haul. You just have to manage for the long term.

  1. Healthier Skin

An organized detox procedure will produce a healthier skin and a smooth complexion. Some skin irritations may occur during the initial stages of the detox program but will eventually subside once the effects take place.

  1. Look Younger Means Look HealthyDetox your body makes you look younger and healthy

Harmful toxins accelerate the aging process. Detox can reverse all that because of its anti-aging benefits. Regular purging of unwanted toxins through detox is a sure way to keep you looking healthy such that looking old is no longer a worry.

  1. Peaceful Easy Feeling

One of the validated positive results of detox is the sense of feeling light. You no longer feel the urge to overeat and return to your poor eating habits. You would have attained a higher level of discipline after a worthy detox program.

  1. No Waste, More GainAn avoided issue in a detox program is the removal of excess waste in the body

An avoided issue in a detox program is the removal of excess waste in the body. Your critical body organs such as the liver, kidney or colon are the primary targets of detox. The program zeroes in on the toxins that pervade in these organs. Let them all out.

  1. Game Changer

Detox is for people who need or who desire to make a lifestyle change. More than losing weight and belly fat or following a strict diet plan, detox is all about the upgrading of your overall well-being.

In the final analysis, it is you alone who can determine if a radical shift in lifestyle is in order. Once you have made a decision, expect a lengthy but satisfying overhaul process. Forget about the unwholesome past and move on to a nourishing future.

Here Comes The Bride – 6 Simple Ways To Be in Your Best Shape for Your Wedding

Brides-to-be are the most motivated people when it comes to looking gorgeous and sexy. The excitement build-up leading to the wedding day is tremendous. If you are a bride-to-be, you should know that a woman looks the most beautiful on her wedding day, no matter what. This is because your happiness shines through. If you do wish to walk down the aisle in the best shape of your life, there are simple and easy ways to achieve that goal. Try these 6 simple ways to get your body wedding-ready.

  1. Embrace Your BedEmbrace Your Bed and sleep well to detox your body

Preparing for your wedding brings sleepless nights. Overcome this struggle and set a bedtime routine. Sign-off early and get long hours of sleep to keep your natural complexion. Other than that, sleep deprivation often leads to a higher level of stress and junk food cravings. So try to relax a few hours before bed time to make sure you fall asleep easily.

  1. Organize Your Tasks

One of the pitfalls of a bride-to-be is a burnout as wedding day nears. The piles of things to be done are overwhelming. The agitation and frenzy of the moment will make you look worn-out and haggard. Also, stress often leads to over-eating as well, so avoid it. Organize your tasks and learn to delegate some to others.

  1. Work It OutWork It Out to sweat and detox your body to have healthy body

Engage in a physical fitness routine. It would be ideal if you can sweat it out with your groom. Make it a team effort before saying the “I do’s”. Look for the exercises that will tone your body and the muscles for you and the groom. Before you know it, you will fit in your fabulous wedding gown with the perfect curves to go with it.

  1. No Bloaters

Stay away from foods that are quick to bring in the fat that clings to the body. You do not want to look bloated on your wedding day. Avoid greasy, salty food and alcohol. Consume less sugar. Your complexion will astonishingly improve if you cut down intake of these foods and beverage.

  1. Find Alone Time

Spend some alone time to loosen up. Indulge in some bubble bath at home. Make a visit to the SPA or treat yourself to a massage. Enjoy every moment of your preparation in a relaxing atmosphere. Bottom line, relax.

  1. Boost Your EnergyDetox diet can helps to boost your energy and keep your body in health

It has always been a misconception that a detox diet is about deprivation of food. On the contrary, a detox diet can help you maintain that slim figure and radiate your bridal glow. The most effective detox diet is one that suits your life style and needs. When you see a detox diet promoting starvation, steer clear and pick one that is loaded with nutrients. When your body is fed with vitamins and minerals, you’ll feel energized throughout the day.

On your wedding day, you are the center of attraction. It’s natural that you want to look the best you can be on your special day. Take cues from these 6 tips to help you achieve your wedding body objectives. Just remember, even though your wedding day is important, the most exciting part comes after: the rest of your lives that you share together. So, don’t be too stressed out about it. Relax and enjoy the ride.

5 Powerful Diet Trends That Can Give You A Knockout Body Figure This New Year

Watching what you eat still remains as one of the most effective ways to achieving a healthier and stronger body. Whether you want to build leaner muscles or you simply want to lose weight, dieting can help you get there. There are a lot of diet trends out there that you can choose from. But if you want to maximize the results of your efforts, here are some of the diet trends that you should focus on:

  1. The Ornish Diet – A diet program developed by a medicine professor, the Ornish Diet aims to achieve two things. One, it wants to help people lose weight naturally. And two, it helps in preventing or reversing illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. This program combines customized nutrition with exercises like aerobics and yoga to help people get fit. ornish-diet-or-you-may-try-a-detox-diet
  2. The Mediterranean Diet – This program was built upon the fact that people in the Mediterranean region tend to live much longer compared to other western nations. The diet program is characterized by consuming large quantities of vegetables and olive oil. The consumption of meat and other protein sources is brought to a moderate level.
  3. Paleo Diet – Also referred to as the caveman diet, this program takes its inspiration from the organic and natural foods that people used to eat from thousands of years ago. These foods are usually composed of meat and seafood which can be hunted or fished. They also include foods that can be gathered like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.try-on-paleo-diet-and-detox-diet
  4. Detox Diet – The main goal of this diet is to help your body get rid of toxins that cause illnesses and fat that fast-tracks obesity. Most fitness experts suggest that you should try a detox diet at least two to four times a year.detox-diet-is-to-help-your-body-get-rid-of-toxins-that-cause-illnesses
  5. The 5:2 Diet – In the simplest of terms, this diet program involves eating normally for five days then fasting intermittently for the next two days. Fans of this program also claim that it helps improve brain function.

All of these types of diets are backed by good research and confirmed by the positive feedback from fitness enthusiasts who have tried them. However, you should always keep in mind that dieting to stay healthy is a long-term process. You can’t follow a diet program in a week then stop during the next week. You must stick to the program for as long as you can if you want to achieve your fitness goals.

4 Effective Ways On How To Lose Weight In Singapore Without Undergoing Surgery


You don’t have to go under the knife to get rid of those extra pounds. There are several alternative methods you can do to get the same results. Yes, they would take more time before you see results, but they are safer. The effects on your body also last longer since the weight loss isn’t instantaneous, unlike in a surgery. Furthermore, if you want to find the fastest way to lose weight in Singapore, it’s advisable that you seek the advice of fitness and health professionals. Without further ado, if you want to lose weight safely and naturally, here are the techniques you should follow:

1) Purge your kitchen and get rid of unhealthy foods and snacks.

One of the main reasons why people gain weight is because of their food choices. Go through your kitchen and get rid of all the fat-builders items. These include processed foods, junk food, soda, chocolate, and candies. Do the same thing with your refrigerator. Remove all the unhealthy food items in it. Replenish your pantry and refrigerator with fresh produces. There are several grocery stores and farms in Singapore that sell organic food. These include Zenxin AgriOrganic Food, Green Circle Eco Farm, and Pasar Organic.


You need to add more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Less calories you put in your body means less reasons for fat to build up. Go for low carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, and celery. This doesn’t mean you should ditch meat altogether. You still need considerable amounts of protein because these help in your metabolism.

2) Engage in physical workouts at least three times a week.

exercise-needed-for-lose-weight-and-healthy-bodyGo for exercise routines that work out your entire body like jogging, running, or martial arts. You can also consider to get your workouts at the gym. Singapore is home to dozens of fitness gyms that offer various types of exercises. If you prefer exercising and running in open air, you can go to places like the Macritchie Reservoir, Marina Bay, East Coast Park, and the Green Corridor.

3) Cut back on your alcohol intake.

cut-back-on-alcohol-can-lose-weightThis is especially true if you drink a lot of beer. Alcoholic beverages are notorious for hastening the build-up of fat in the body. If you have a refrigerator or freezer at home, you should take out whatever alcoholic beverage it contains. Cut back on your partying as well. Singapore has a lot of nice night spots which can be very tempting. Learn how to discipline your alcohol craving.

4) Get more sleep. There are several reasons why you should sleep more. It stops late-night snacking, helps you burn more calories, boosts fat loss, and keeps your brain focused the next day. A focused brain means you’re less susceptible to craving. If you live in a busy area in Singapore wherein there’s noise even at night, it’s advisable that you purchase a noise-cancelling earmuff.


The secret to losing weight is perseverance. You have to stick to the methods discussed above until you get the results you want. It’s a lot of work but the rewards are worth it. Beyond weight loss, you’ll also get a strong and healthy body, clearer skin, better confidence, and more energy to engage in things that you love.

5 Practical Weight-Loss Strategies That Work


Trying to lose weight is a struggle for a lot of people. One of the main reasons why they can’t get to the weight level they desire is that they are using bad strategies or they’re listening to wrong advice.

Below are some strategies on how you can safely and naturally lose weight. If you know of other people going through the same struggle, refer them to this article to see these tips to lose weight1

1) Consume more soup. Go for broths, not cream-base soups. These are great suppressants of appetite because they contain a combination of liquids and solids that bust hunger. It’s advisable that you consume the soup just before a meal. As much as possible, go for vegetable-based soups that have any of the following as the main ingredient: asparagus, black beans, carrots, tomatoes, leeks, chickpea, and pumpkins. 2

2) Drink less juice or junk them altogether. If you crave for something to quench your thirst, go for plain water or smoothies from raw fruits with no added ingredients. Stay away from processed juice packs because these are usually very high in sugar and low in nutrients. Drinking water is still the best way to keep you hydrated without worrying about calories. 3

3) Cut back on alcohol. Whether you drink beer, wine, gin, or vodka, all of these promote weight gain. If you can’t completely stop yourself from drinking, at least cut your consumption in half. This will have a significant impact in your quest to lose those extra pounds. 4

4) Watch your coffee intake. If you are among those who consume several cups of coffee a day, the accumulated sugar and dairy can really mess with your weight. There are three ways on how you can deal with this problem. One, drink less cups. Two, swap your usual latte coffee for black coffee. And three, ditch the coffee altogether and seek alternatives like green tea or herb concoctions.5

5) Maintain a diet sheet or get the services of a nutritionist. This is to ensure that you don’t go beyond the amount of calories that you should consume in a day. Keeping a diet sheet also enables you to track your weight loss progress.

Losing weight is not rocket science. A basic understanding of how calories and nutrition work will tell you exactly the kind of food you should eat and the kind that you should avoid. This enables you to take a smarter approach in coming up with a diet plan. As the strategies discussed above show, dieting is not about eating less, it’s more on watching the calorie and nutrient content of the food and drinks you consume.