5 Ways to Maintain Your Beauty in Singapore Weather

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There are only two types of weather in Singapore: hot and humid, or cool and wet. It is predominantly humid all year round, which makes it hard to keep one’s makeup from melting. With this kind of weather, how can you manage to keep yourself from looking old and drab? Here are five tips to help you:


  1. Focus on your skin first

Before looking for the best products that beauty companies have to offer, you must first focus on maintaining a healthy skin. A healthy skin is supple and glowing, showing a natural beauty even without the makeup. To maintain a healthy skin, make sure you eat right and drink enough water.


  1. Get rid of dead skin cells

Dead skin cells cause dry and flaky skin. One solution is to get a body scrub. For your face, get a facial in Singapore. Body scrub and facial scrub help thoroughly remove dead skin cells that are left behind even after showering.


  1. Use water-based products

Many beauty lines offer oil-based products. These are not suitable for humid climates such as Singapore because they will only clog your pores and cause acne. They are also heavy on the skin. For best absorption, use water-based creams and lotions.


  1. Know your skin type

Some of us have dry skin; others have oily skin. To find the products that work best on your skin, you have to know your skin type. You can find this out by making observations, but it would be best to consult a skin care expert.


  1. Give double-care on your exposed skin

Your face, neck, arms and legs get the most exposure to the sun. Make use of sunblock on these areas to avoid them getting burnt.


Keep in mind that if your skin is unhealthy, it clearly shows. So to have the best-looking skin in Singapore weather, take good care of your health. Drink enough fluids and eat right. It won’t hurt to visit skincare centers to manage your skin and beauty needs better.

Want to ditch your eyeglasses? Get a LASIK now


A 20/20 vision is something that people with visual health problems always dream of. The days of wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses, squirming faces just to see what’s in front, and being limited by myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism can soon be over. If you have long been suffering from the disadvantages of not seeing clearly without wearing eyeglasses, then it might be the perfect time to consider getting yourself treated using Singapore LASIK procedures.

Lasik eye surgery

What is LASIK?

LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is an eye treatment which aims to correct the refractive error by reshaping the cornea by removing tissues from it. Unlike the earlier forms of corrective eye surgery, this treatment boasts of less or no pain and clearer eyesight within hours after the procedure.

Cost of LASIK treatments

Many eye clinics in Singapore offer this type of eye procedure, and its cost normally ranges from $3,200 to $3,700 for both eyes for a standard Lasik package, which also comes with 3 to 4 post-operative appointments and eye-plugs.

A more expensive type is called the Wavefront / Topography Guided LASIK treatment, and it costs 50% more than the standard procedure. But it is more recommended because of its 3-D map measurement system used in reshaping the cornea. While it comes with a hefty price, Wavefront Lasik addresses other problems like glare, shadows, and halos, which cannot be solved by the standard LASIK procedure. The price of a LASIK Bladeless (Wavefront/ Topography-guided) is around $4,375.



This new generation laser eye surgery does not require the cornea to be ‘flapped.’ This ultra-modern laser eye treatment is recommended for patients with very high prescriptions, drier eyes, contact lens intolerance, and thinner corneas. This procedure, which usually takes 10 minutes, also has a faster healing time since no flap is ablated.

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to your eyeglasses or contacts forever, you can visit the nearest LASIK surgery clinic to find out if you are a right candidate. With this visit, you will also be guided on what LASIK treatment is best for you. You can also subject yourself to an online screening test to verify your qualification to this treatment and find out more about this cutting-edge technology for your eyes’ health. 

Know the Pros and Cons Of Piles Surgery


Surgery is an option you should consider if you are suffering from a bad case of piles. A doctor would usually recommend the procedure if hemorrhoids are not responding to conventional treatments like the application of vasoconstrictors and astringents. However, you should also keep in mind that piles surgery has its fair share of pros and cons. You have to consider these before you decide to go through the procedure.

The Pros:

  1. Piles surgery may be your only option if other procedures failed to fix the problem. This is especially true if the hemorrhoids have been enlarged that surgical intervention is the best way to get rid of them.


  1. It provides immediate relief. If you only take medicines to deal with the problem, you will still have to go through the inconveniences and pain for days or even weeks at a time. With surgery, the piles will go away once they have healed.


  1. The results are more permanent. With surgery, the inflamed hemorrhoids may go away for good. Although there’s no guarantee that they won’t grow back up again, at least you know that they won’t be around for a long time.


  1. It’s a fairly safe procedure. As long as you will be operated on by an experienced doctor, you have very little to worry about.


The Cons

  1. Pain during and after the surgery. Always keep in mind that your large intestines and rectum are constantly moving so you will have to bear the pain until the incised sections fully heal. You can lessen the discomfort by taking painkillers prescribed by the doctor.


  1. Complications may occur especially if several hemorrhoid overgrowths have been removed.


  1. The recovery period can take between two to three weeks. This is because the skin around the rectum and the walls of the anus are sensitive.


  1. It’s more expensive. Piles surgery costs more because of the sensitivity of the procedure. You also have to think about doctor’s fees and the medicines that you need to use during your two-to-three-week recovery.


These are the most important things that you should take into account in deciding if the procedure is the right fit for you. It’s advisable that you start seeking information about piles surgery at least a month before you go under the knife. This is to ensure that you will be completely prepared for the surgery.

6 Pieces of Advice Muay Thai Beginners Should Take Note Of

Muay Thai is one tough and stimulating form of martial arts. It also has a lot of important practices and guidelines that have to be followed to make sure you completely understand the discipline.

Just like every martial art drill, learning the basics will say much about how you would progress in this field. The basics of Muay Thai include control, balance, footwork, defense and basic strike. Continuous and repetitive training will provide opportunities to master each skill. If you intend to reach your full potential in this discipline, you can try to explore and find Muay Thai classes in Singapore.

Here are 6 pieces of advice Muay Thai beginners should take note of:


  1. Muay Thai is all about patience and hard work.

muay_thai_iii_by_ellinorbergman-d5to4hvMuay Thai requires greater focus and patience on specific techniques. The more you practice, the more you get conditioned. Your learning curve will improve faster as you work harder. Do not rush, if you are easily tired during the start of your training, work slowly but surely. Do not forget to start your routine with warm-ups to condition your muscles.


  1. Work your way to mastery.

muay-thai-sparringAlways remember that the best and the toughest martial artists did not begin as experts and masters. They all experienced challenges in the beginning. Do not be disappointed if it takes you a while to learn the stance, footwork or strikes. Stay determined. Put your passion and drive towards perfecting the moves, so you can succeed over time.


  1. Be an avid fan of fights.

Being a sport focused on skills, watching professionals during fights will create better learning channels for you. Find out who are the best in the field of Muay Thai and watch their competitions. Observe their techniques and how they overcome physical challenges during matches.


  1. Do some serious shadow boxing.

shadowboxing2Shadow boxing routines instil discipline as well as develop boxing skill and speed. It also allows you to identify and practice proper footwork. Working in front of a mirror lets you observe proper form. Instructors advise students to shadow box for an hour, day in and day out.


  1. Master the basics before you jump to advanced skills training.

It’s not a good idea to rush into advanced level training. Sometimes, sticking to the basics for a little while will pave the way towards mastering the basic skills and techniques. Mastery of the basics will help you to transition to the advanced level with ease.


  1. Be punctual, do not rush going home and be curious.

be-punctualJust like any student in school, one important part of Muay Thai discipline is punctuality. Your eagerness and willingness to stay longer in class to learn more from your trainer is a sign of perseverance. Spending more time for additional knowledge will encourage and motivate your trainer to teach you more. It pays to be curious and to know more than what is being taught.


These are just some nuggets of wisdom for new students. The most important thing above and beyond learning basics is your desire to succeed.

Alleviating Knee Joint Pain: A Guide on How to Manage an Aching Knee Naturally

Can you barely walk because of an intensifying pain that you feel whenever you move your knees? Though the experience of pain frustrates you as much as its effects on your activities of daily living, you can relieve or prevent complications by receiving a treatment for knee joint pain in Singapore.

Many state-of-the-art orthopedic centers are situated in the country, making mild to severe bone-related problems resolvable nowadays. But if you want to ease the pain by incorporating a healthy and natural treatment plan to your daily living, you can consider the following 5 remedies for knee joint pain:


  1. Taking of Natural Supplements

herbal-supplement-product-image–               Ginger Extract: Because ginger is always available in the market, it is considered one of the most common ingredients for cooking food. Ginger can be bought in a form of a healthy food or a supplement which you could buy in vitamin or grocery stores. It is taken as a tea which is scientifically proven to help in diminishing knee joint pain when concomitantly taken with an anti-arthritis medication.

–               Willow Bark: Aside from pain relief, this supplement is used to treat fever and inflammation.

–               Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine: This combination is good in promoting the health of the joints. They are both effective on relieving severe pain.


  1. Tai Chi

    taichi-parkA common myth occurs when people with knee joint pain avoid exercising because of the fear that they would not cope up with the transition of movements. But with Tai Chi, exercising even with the presence of joint pain is recommended. Originated in China, this form of exercise does not just target the physical aspect of a person, but it also treats the mind through its stress-relieving nature. Tai Chi relatively improves flexibility and balance because it involves slow and regulated hand, feet, and body movements.


  1. Weight Management

    When you are overweight or obese, the pressure of your upper body on your knees and the rest of your lower limbs increases. Furthermore, the heavier your weight is, the harder to move when you have a knee joint pain. Therefore, reducing weight according to the normal range is recommended for people who are suffering knee joint pain.


  1. Herbal Ointment

    Applying salve is just as effective as arthritis creams. It contains salicylate which is a potent topical treatment to relieve pain.


  1. Heat and cold Therapy

    hot-and-cold-therapy-shoulderApplying a heating pad on the painful area will prevent the stiffness in your knees. On the other hand, applying a cold pack will help in alleviating pain and swelling of the joints.



Looking for a certain treatment for knee joint pain is not that tedious as it may seem. Within the convenience of your home, you can already conduct your first-aid action on easing pain. Don’t wait for it to get worse. As much as possible, accompany these natural remedies with the prescription of your physician. They will both work on eliminating your knee joint pain away!

Stomach Cancer Facts You Need To Know

Gastric or stomach cancer is the world’s third leading cause of cancer deaths. It claims more than 700,000 lives every year and the majority of these cases happen in Asia. It is one of the top killers in Singapore with over 300 lives lost annually.


If diagnosed at its earlier stages, stomach cancer can be treated. Unfortunately, stomach cancer has been linked to poor diagnosis. Research shows that about 79 percent of patients receive their diagnosis at stage 4. During this stage, the rate of a five-year survival is less than 5 percent.

Here’s what you need to know about stomach cancer.

Causes Of Stomach Cancer According to the National Cancer Centre Singapore, stomach cancer patients have higher rates of infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. But it doesn’t mean that all patients who have this type of bacterium will develop stomach cancer. In fact, the majority of patients’ cases do not progress into cancer.

stomach-cancer-causing-foodsPeople whose diet consists of large amounts of pickled foods, smoked foods and salted meat and fish have increased risks of developing stomach cancer. Lowered risk is associated with diets rich in fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in Vitamins A and C.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms Stomach cancer may occasionally block the passage of food in the stomach. Common symptoms may include feeling bloated after eating or feeling full after consuming small amounts of food, fatigue, stomach pain and unexplained weight loss. Persistent or severe cases of heartburn, indigestion, nausea and vomiting are also signs of gastric cancer.


Stomach Cancer Diagnosis A barium meal X-ray examination is used to detect stomach cancer. In this test, the patient ingests a liquid that contains barium. An X-ray procedure is used to spot lumps and ulcers. For cases that involve a biopsy, doctors will perform an endoscopy, which is a more accurate screening test to see if the mass is cancerous or not. Additional CT scans and chest X-rays are often performed to see if cancer has already spread to other parts of the body.


Stomach Cancer Treatment There are various options to treat stomach cancers. Surgery is considered the most effective and is often used even in patients with advanced cases. Radiotherapy is able to release obstructions in the stomach and can stop bleeding from types of cancers that are not suitable for operation. Chemotherapy is used to slow down cancer’s growth or reduce cancer symptoms in patients with advanced cases.

If your doctor suggests a screening test, this does not necessarily mean that he or she thinks you have stomach cancer. Screening is simply testing for a disease in people who experience no symptoms. This can be especially beneficial for folks with cancer risk factors.

The Most Popular Slimming Pills in Singapore


It isn’t easy to slim down. Losing weight and keeping fit is one of the major challenges all over the world today, and Singapore is no exception. In a country where the pace of life is fast and rapidly changing, men and women find it hard to squeeze in time to exercise.


Too Busy to Cook and Exercise?

Diet and environment play two big roles in one’s weight loss journey. Choosing fast food options several days a week may be forgivable, but if people have this every day, it could lead to massive health problems in the end. For busy parents, there is hardly enough time to manage family life and a career, so going to the gym is probably out of the question.

Slimming pills in Singapore have become a popular alternative for people who simply don’t have the time to work out as much as they would want to. It’s also considered by many as a good way to kick start their fitness routines. Most often than not, people want to see some effect – an inch here and there or a few pounds lost – to become motivated to take weight loss seriously.

However, as with any weight loss program, it is important to seek the advice of your doctor before purchasing any over the counter diet medication. While Phen 375 does not require any prescription, different people react in various ways to diet pills.



What is Phen 375?

A recent survey voted this diet pill as the most popular one in Singapore. Phen 375 works as an appetite suppressant as well as a metabolism booster. It is manufactured in an FDA-certified facility from the US. It can be ordered online and shipped to Singapore in a few days. The good thing about this pill is that I can be bought without a prescription.


What Does It Contain?

These diet pills are said to contain the following ingredients: L-Carnitine, Dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA, Caffeine, and Capsaicin, among others.

L-Carinitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the human body. What it does is activate the body’s reserves of stored fat and convert them into energy. DHEA, on the other hand, is produced by the body’s adrenal glands. It is a steroid hormone that breaks down stored fat in the body, instead of eating up muscle issue.

Caffeine improves metabolism and concentration, while Capsaicin, which is normally found in chili peppers, increases body temperature and speeds up metabolism.

Users who have been on Phen 375 experienced weight loss of between 33 to 44 lbs or 15 to 20 kilograms over a period of three to six months.

Ideally, users should stop taking the pill after this period and concentrate on losing or maintaining their weight through diet and exercise. A few months of use should be enough to make the body accustomed to a healthier way of life.

The most important to thing is to learn how to make better food choices and to keep on exercising.