Crystal Tomato Skin-Whitening Pills are the Talk of the Town

April 1, 2016 Off By Mellisa


It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That expression is never truer than when it comes to skin tone and colour.

In Caucasian societies, many light-skin people work on developing a darker skin through sun-tanning and sprays because they think a tan body is more attractive.

Conversely, many Asians prefer to have fairer, whiter skin than the brown-tone skin they were born with. Exactly why this is so is a mystery to many in the beauty business, but it is a reality.

To assist those seeking whiter skin, a whitening pill called Crystal Tomato was recently introduced to the Asian beauty market. Developed by two well-known anti-aging experts, Dr. Z Teo and Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo, their skin-whitening pill has created a stir of excitement throughout the skin-care industry.

Skin Whitening

There are numerous ways for a person to pursue skin whitening.

Various creams and lotions that lighten the skin have been used for centuries. In the modern era, doctors developed dermatological procedures like skin peeling to achieve the white look their patient’s desire. Finally, the oral ingestion of glutathione tablets is the method of choice for many seeking whiter skin.


Carotenoids are the plant pigments that are responsible for bright red, yellow and orange hues in many fruits and vegetables like carrots and oranges. Studies have shown that carotenoids play an important role in plant health which carry over as healthy benefits in the humans who consume them.

Natural carotenoids are present in a unique strain of non-genetically formed white tomatoes that is the basic ingredient in the Crystal Tomato skin line of whitening products. Through a patented process, the two doctors were able to extract those carotenoids and prepare them for oral consumption through a tablet form.

Crystal Tomato Singapore

This product contains unique active ingredients, colourless carotenoids called phytoene and phytofluene, which have been proven from years of research to have whitening properties. It is packaged in pill form and distributed from Singapore,


1. Acts as a natural sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.
2. Its anti-oxidants help protect the skin against damage caused by environmental issues.
3. Its anti-inflammatory elements help heal wounds and skin damage from UV rays.
4. Slows melanin synthesis to prevent dark pigmentation spots from forming on the skin surface.
5. Melanin levels are reduced in the cells that produce dark acne scars, skin freckles, dark underarms and age spots.
6. Prevents damage to your natural DNA.
7. Helps to promote a radiant, even skin tone and lighter complexion.


One pill a day provides the modern woman with the ingredients to achieve whiter and more youthful and healthier looking skin. The 100 percent all-natural product has absolutely no harmful side effects.

Its main advantage is that the product is very safe because it made from all-natural ingredients from organic white tomatoes. Beside the proven skin-whitening effect, it also has anti-aging properties that make the skin look smooth and clear. .

After only three months of continuous daily use, your mirror should reflect the healthy and whiter skin you are striving to achieve.