Going Gray Too Early? – 5 Causes of Premature Hair Graying and How to Stop Them

December 13, 2016 Off By Mellisa

Hair plays a large role in the way we look, and even its color will tell a lot about us. Deep dark browns, and beautiful bright blondes are associated with youth and health, while whites and grays are signs of aging. Of course, everyone reaches the point when hair-graying becomes an inevitable experience. But if you’re still young yet already dealing with gray hair, you might be doing something to compromise your hair health. If you’re looking for a treatment for premature graying of hair, you should first consider the causes; to find out how to deal with the problem properly. Wondering what the reason could be? Read on to learn more.bad-lifestyle-may-cause-premature-greying-hair-and-need-hair-treatment

  1. Lifestyle Choices – When you introduce toxins to the body, you could compromise its ability to perform normal bodily functions. For instance, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic beverages on a regular basis could increase your body’s dependency on chemicals. This in turn inhibits certain functions, such as the production of pigment needed to give hair a lush, rich color. If you’re a frequent or chronic smoker or drinker, try to cut back on your intake, or quit for good in order to reverse graying hair.
  2. Nutritional Deficiency – For as much food as you might eat in a day, it’s likely that you don’t actually consume the right amount in terms of micronutrients. These are the vitamins and minerals your body needs in order to work properly, and to maintain optimal health. If you have a nutritional deficiency, you can see your primary doctor to get a better understanding of what your system is lacking. You can also take in multi-vitamins or B-complex vitamins, which have been proven beneficial for hair health.
  3. Stress – When you subject yourself to too much stress, your body will automatically shut off certain functions in order to focus energy on what’s stressing you out. Because the production of melanin isn’t necessarily an important or vital function, your body sacrifices this, and thus causes the development of gray hair. Try to maintain a positive outlook, and reduce your reaction to stress to maintain apt levels of melanin production.too-stress-causing-premature-greying-hair-and-look-for-hair-treatment
  4. Poor Product Choices – What products do you use on your hair? If you’re not using the right hair care products, you could be contributing to the development of gray hair. Be sure to read labels before buying any products, and avoid bad ingredients that could be doing harm to your hair. Ammonia, resorcinol, PPD, ethanol alcohol, and parabens are just some of the ingredients you should steer clear of; if you want to maintain rich hair color.
  5. Medical Condition – If you suspect that your premature hair-graying isn’t caused by any of the previously mentioned reasons, it would be wise for you to see your doctor to get a better understanding of what might be causing the issue. Several medical conditions have been identified as causes of premature hair discoloration, so be certain to seek medical advice as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Often, thyroid problems could be the main cause, but it’s important to get a professional diagnosis to best treat the issue.

    EndocrinologistÂ?s appointment

    EndocrinologistÂ?s appointment

Gray hair is no fun, especially if you shouldn’t be experiencing it just yet. Get to the root of premature graying hair, and resolve the problem for lush, healthy, and vibrant hair for many years to come.