Grow Your Hair Faster with Vitamins

June 20, 2016 Off By Mellisa

Nobody likes to lose their hair. Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide, changing their self-confidence and how they feel about their appearance. Luckily there are many natural methods to prevent hair loss and even stimulate the growth of new hair. One of the best methods to grow hair faster is to take vitamins. Vitamins provide your body with the nutrients it needs to grow new healthy hair. Taking a multivitamin isn’t enough, however, because there are specific vitamins that play a major role in your body’s production of new and healthy hair.

Vitamins for Hair Growth
Vitamins for Hair Growth

While you’re probably familiar with products like Rogaine, you may not be as familiar with the vitamins that stimulate hair growth. Some contribute to the actual growth of the hair, and others make the hair strong and give it a shiny, healthy appearance. Let’s take a look at a few of the vitamins essential to the production of hair, which include:

Vitamin D–Sunlight is the best source of this valuable nutrient. However, many people either work inside or live in areas of the world where they don’t get enough sunlight. Taking Vitamin D helps the follicle cycling process so you can grow new hair.

B Complex–Niacin, biotin, and cobalamin are three important B Vitamins that keep your hair lustrous and shiny.

Iron–Most people don’t get enough iron in their diets. This can lead to hair loss, because iron helps deliver oxygen to your hair follicles, which promotes growth.

How Soon can I Expect Hair Growth?

Once you’ve begun vitamin treatment for hair loss, you can expect to see results within a month or two, although you might notice results sooner if you combine your treatment with proper diet, hydration, sleep, and exercise.

Vitamin for Hair Growth
Are Vitamins Better than Other Methods?

Using vitamins to stimulate hair growth is safer than using other chemicals. While products like Rogaine might work slightly faster, you will lose the hair that the formula helped you grow, and even start to lose the rest of your hair at a faster rate if you discontinue your use of these products. Vitamins don’t have this side effect, which makes them a popular natural alternative to hair-growth formulas.


Are Hair Loss Vitamins for You?

If you are losing your hair, you owe it to yourself to try taking┬ávitamins for hair growth. Vitamins provide many of the same benefits as expensive pharmaceuticals at a lower cost, and without any of the side effects. You’ll be amazed how much a simple, natural treatment can change the way you look and feel.