Hair Loss Horrors – 5 Common Culprits That Cause Excessive Hair Fall

November 17, 2016 Off By Mellisa

It’s normal for people to lose hair regularly, mainly because this is the body’s way of regulating the amount of hair you have at any given time. Strands will naturally shed from the root, while others are broken off at the shaft because of wear and tear.what-problem-of-scalp-that-causing-hair-loss

But as with any other bodily function, when hair loss becomes excessive and unnatural, it can be very problematic. In Singapore, aside from the usual issues with outward appearances and self-confidence, hair loss has also been observed to affect relationships. If you’re struggling with hair fall, be sure to assess your daily life for these 5 common culprits to end the problem at the root.

  1. Stress and Trauma – You’d be surprised just how much of an effect stress and trauma can have on your body. Any sort of stressful or traumatizing event – a car accident, a flu, or even a divorce – can cause hair loss. This is because when the body is stressed, it reduces the emphasis on non-essential physiological functions, and one of which is hair health. By reducing the circulation to the scalp, more hair is pushed to the shedding phase of the hair life cycle to accommodate more important functions.There are many reasons for hair loss. Stress is usually one of them.
  2. Excessive Intake of Vitamin A – Vitamin A is present in a lot of the food and drinks we consume every day. But if you’re struggling to stop hair loss, you may want to regulate the amount of vitamin A you take. According to research, a system that’s satiated with vitamin A can cause excessive hair loss because it causes toxicity when stored in the body. Generally, the accepted daily upper limit for vitamin A for Singaporean men is 3,000 IU and 2,310 IU for women.
  3. Insufficient Protein – When there isn’t enough protein in your body, your system will regulate what it already has. In effect, it saps vital protein from the hair and causes brittle, weak strands that are prone to falling out and breakage. Eating enough fish, eggs, and chicken on a daily basis will make hair much healthier and stronger. However, just because your hair isn’t falling out right now means you’re consuming enough protein. It will usually take 2-3 months for the effects to show, so be sure to assess how much you eat to know what you should expect.Healthy Diet food group, proteins, include meat (chicken or turkey), cheese, eggs and nuts.
  4. Poor Scalp Health – Your scalp is more than just an area of skin – it’s the source from which your hair gets its nutrients and vitamins. A poorly nourished scalp will cause serious hair loss. It will also compromise the health of any hair that remains. Aside from choosing the right products for use on your scalp, you should also look into scalp treatment in Singapore which can help improve your scalp health for optimum hair strength.
  5. Improper Hair Managing Practices – If you constantly heat style your hair, slather it in hold styling products, and barely ever let it out of a bun, it’s time to rethink your hair care practices. Being too aggressive with the way you handle your hair is detrimental to its health, which can cause serious breakage and damage that can be impossible to repair. To prevent unnecessary hair damage and loss, avoid using heat styling tools, choose organic products, and refrain from styling in ways that place tension on the strands and the roots.heat-styling-caused-poor-scalp-health-and-hair-loss

Don’t let those hair loss horrors get the best of you – the power to turn things around for your hair is in your hands. Avoid these common hair fall culprits to help you maintain thick, beautiful hair all year round.