V Shape Face: Get that Perfect Facial Contour

June 9, 2017 Off By Mellisa

Carmen Soo, Diana Danielle, Efliro Loy. What do these beautiful actresses have in common? Aside from great careers as celebrities here in Malaysia, they are considered among the most gorgeous in the country, thanks to the shape of their faces. The Chinese called it melon seed face, but the Koreans coined the term V shape face.

What is this, you ask? This is when your face achieves the namesake, for a more distinct jawline which in turn gives your features more highlights and presents a younger looking you.

The beauty aspect is now trending worldwide, in an age of selfies and viral fads. Even A-list Hollywood celebrities are lining up to learn how to achieve a heart shaped face! But how can you accomplish such a fantastic feat? Here are some tips on how to attain this face shape.

  1. Makeup Application

Put your artistic side to use! There are various ways to create optical illusions of a V shaped face through proper application and contour. Using mostly warm or cool shades, you can apply colors a couple of tones darker to different parts of your face such as the sides of the nose, the cheeks, or the temples to create the visual slimming effect using the shadows!

  1. Face Slimming and Lifting Creams

Due to a lot of external factors, your skin might sag over time. Sagging skin can give you a tired and stressed look, which causes wrinkles in the skin and takes away the appearance of your V-shaped face. However, there are various cosmetic companies that offer products to fend these worrisome problems. Face lifting creams, when applied, can help your skin health through moisturizing, making your face firmer. This, in turn, will help you gain or regain your facial shape.

  1. Facial Yoga and Massage

Just like the other parts of your body, the face has a muscle structure. To keep them in shape, there are a number of exercises out there that can help you tone down and slim your facial features. Facial massage can be done alone or with help from professionals. Basically, with rubbing using just enough force, you can help the blood flow to your face while the constant touch helps make the muscles firmer than before.

Facial yoga does the same, with the exercises helping the muscles become tighter, hence toning your features properly. The best thing about this is that it can be done anywhere! Early in the morning, in the car, while working in the office, it can be a great use of your idle time!

  1. Botox

A square jawline is often associated with masculinity. Aesthetically, an oval shape face is more pleasant looking and appealing to many. In order to achieve this, you can also opt to have Botox injections. Typically done by injecting the muscle near the jaw’s angle, it reduces the bulk and somehow creates a slimming effect, thus reducing the squareness of your face. Aside from the effects on your facial shape, this also helps people who suffer from bruxism or involuntary teeth grinding.

These are just some of the tips to help you on achieving a V shape face. Of course, pairing it with proper diet can help you attain better results. By following a steady regimen of healthy food intake and proper exercise, you are removing the unwanted toxins in your body, including burning the fats and calories that tend to stay in your skin.

So by keeping yourself active and following any of these tips, you are on your way to getting the results you are aiming for. Keep your mind and your body sharp, the necessary tools in revealing the true, beautiful you! Be sure to learn more about these tips and keep the drive as it takes more than just a day to get satisfying results. What are you waiting for? Start your beauty progress now!